About Us

January 4, 2016

Wang has been teaching science at Presentation for 16 years.  He was originally hired as a biology teacher, but because all the sciences are the same, he taught a couple sections of chemistry.  Now, his life is mostly chem (because he likes to blow things up).  He hates long walks on sunny beaches, but might be convinced to do it if it's foggy or if it's at night.  It's all part of his wish to become a vampire...the real kind, not the sparkly fake kind.  

Buell has been teaching religious studies at Pres for 8 years and has been the department chair for 4 years.  He is also the director of Mass Hysteria, the liturgical band, but only because he's the only faculty member who plays piano well.  His love of Jesus is only matched by his love of his wife, and both are secondary to his love of wrestling.  He hopes to one day finish his second Master's Degree and forever be done with more education.  Well, except for the kind where he's on the teaching end.