Ep. 80 - On the Common App Essay

May 15, 2017

Contained within this episode are the secrets of cracking the 2017-18 Common App essays.  Listen and knowledge shall be yours...


Ep. 66 - Man-ster Dot Com

February 6, 2017

We welcome Mr. Lorenzo to the studio to discuss how to choose your dream career and what our dream jobs would be.  Time to update my LinkedIn profile!


Ep. 61 - New Hopes

January 2, 2017

Good riddance, 2016.  Hello, 2017!

In our second annual resolutions episode, we review our resolutions from last year and make some new ones.


Ep. 57 - The Finals Countdown

December 5, 2016

You can feel it in the air.  'Tis the season...for studying!  To help everyone get in the spirit of finals, the Manthers give some advice on how to approach your exams.


Ep. 41 - Grad Men

June 6, 2016

We were humbled to give the 2016 graduation keynote.  Here it is, unedited...with all the flops and stammering.  We bring to you, the Greatest Graduation Speech Ever.  Congratulations to the Class of 2016!  Best of luck to you!


Ep. 40. - The Fanthers (Part II)

May 29, 2016

In part II of our tribute to Fanthers, we interview Erin Proudfoot and Shannon Rossi.  Only two more episodes left!


Ep. 39 - The Fanthers (Part I)

May 23, 2016

In the first part of our tribute episode to our fans, we interview fanthers Kriti and Carlos about their career paths and, of course, how much they love us...


Ep. 24 - The Wo-Manthers

February 7, 2016

The ladies of Pres take over the podcast and talk about Valentine's Day, best gifts, and breaking up.  It's the Wo-Manthers!


Ep. 23 - Word Up

February 1, 2016

We're joined again by Mr. Donoho to weigh in on The Voice's article about words we should bring back.  Plus, common misspelled, mispronounced, and misused words/phrases.


Ep. 19 - Happy New Year!

January 4, 2016

Our New Year's resolutions and plans for 2016!


Ep. 16 - The Gift of the Man-gi

December 14, 2015

The Voice's article on gift-giving, written by Alexa, inspires anxiety and prompts the best and worst gift we've ever gotten.


Ep. 10 - College Tours

November 2, 2015

*read in Law and Order voice* Ripped from the headlines of The Voice, The Manthers take on college tours. 

(Thanks to Victoria for the inspiring article!)

Ep. 09 - Shaking Hands

October 26, 2015

How to shake hands...Manthers-style.  Also, our first installment of "When Life Gives You Lemon".  Plus, we finally got some listener mail!  It's a Man-straveganza!


Ep. 06 - College Essays

October 5, 2015

The Manthers share their college application process with special guest, Mr. Donoho!  Plus, we announce the winner of our logo contest!


Ep. 05 - Meet Your ASB

September 28, 2015

Our longest episode ever!  Meet your 2015-16 ASB Officers and hear the exciting events coming up this year.